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Custom Name Anklet

Custom Name Anklet

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  • Personalised elegance
  • Unique accessory
  • Handmade by our artisans
12 pounds today only

Materials, Care & Size

• Stainless steel & gold/silver plating.


• Chain: 20cm + 10cm adjustable chain. (one size fits all)

• Wipe clean only


Order processing takes 1-3 business days before shipment.

Once your item/s is dispatched, the estimated delivery time is:

- USA: 4-12 business days
- UK: 4-12 business days
- Australia: 5-12 business days
- Canada: 5-12 business days
- Europe: 4-12 business days
- Rest of world: 6-12 business days

Wear Your Name With Pride

Imagine stepping out with something as unique as you are—your own name crafted beautifully on an anklet.

Our Custom Name Anklet lets you write your name, initials, or any word that holds significance to you, crafted in elegant script around your ankle.

It’s not just jewelry, it’s a statement of your individuality and style.

Stylish Accessory

This anklet isn’t just an accessory, it’s a conversation starter, a way to connect with others while staying true to yourself.

Choose from shimmering gold or sleek silver to match your wardrobe or mood.

Every step you take will show off your bold personality, with your name delicately adorning your ankle, making sure you stand out in any setting.

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Questions? We got answers.

Can I choose any name or word for the anklet?

Absolutely! Personalize your anklet with your name, initials, or any meaningful word.

What material options are available for the anklet?

You can choose between beautiful gold or classic silver to suit your style.

Is the anklet adjustable for different ankle sizes?

Yes, it comes with an adjustable chain to ensure a perfect fit for all ankle sizes.

How do I care for my custom anklet to ensure it lasts?

Keep it dry and clean it gently with a soft cloth when needed to maintain its shine and prevent tarnish.

How long will it take to receive my personalized anklet?

Since it’s custom-made, please allow a few extra days for delivery compared to standard items.